BRAZEN (and "Twists and Turns" Oscar Burns) Presents: MARDI GRAPS!!!

Posted by Lance Warner on 5 Jul 2020

We hope that you had a happy and safe 4th of July! Now…whatever do you do when other organizations are putting on massive two-night, two-week events?

Well, DEFIANCE doesn’t leave people in the lurch when it comes to entertainment or great wrestling. Case in point, over the 3rd and the 4th, we had two DAYS, back-to-back, of exciting action featuring the rising stars of the BRAZEN brand, along with the special host for both events… none other than two-time former FIST of DEFIANCE, “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns! Don’t be mistaken! This is the two-night sensation known as MARDI GRAPS!!!

Now, you may be wondering why during the midst of the 4th of July Weekend, BRAZEN threw a two-day party themed like Mardi Gras. And to those people we say… LOOK AN EAGLE! *RUNS*

(Also, we had red, white and blue balloons every which way so there's that. Now check the results for both nights which included a lot of news including new debuts and a second singles title belt to be added to ever-growing BRAZEN brand!)

This past Friday and Saturday night, it was a set of packed houses once again in Earl K. Long Gymnasium in Lafayette, Louisiana. A thousand fans each for both nights! hundred fans on Friday and close to a thousand on Saturday! Hosted by none other than BRAZEN Matchmaker and former Team HOSS member Capital Punishment and of course, “The Team Graps Cap” himself, Oscar Burns. 

The two nights would also see the arrivals of a few new stars in addition to the announcement of a future title belt to be added to BRAZEN! More on that later. With that, we now look at the results of these two nights and the important events that took place! Burns would serve as the special guest referee of the main event between Nathaniel Eye and his former pupil, “Manpower” Jack Mace!

MARDI GRAPS!!! Night One:

1. BADASS (Davis Bloome and Tripp Wise) defeated Viking War Cult (Ivor and Floki Holmstrom) @ 7:50 Ultimate BADASSery on Ivor

2. “The Prime Time Player” Jesse Harrison defeated Thomas Slaine @ 6:05 with The Cliffhanger

3. The World’s Nicest Tag Team (Levi Cole and Butcher Victorious) defeated Reinhardt Hoffman and Rhys Collins @ 11:50 with The Handshake Deal on Collins

4. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander defeated Troy Matthews, Kazuo Akamatsu and David Hightower in a four corners match @ 15:02 with Play of the Game on Akamatsu 

5. The Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) defeated The Midcard Experiment (Walter Levy, CAGE, and Hijo del Fishman Deluxe) @ 4:24 with The Big Guns on Denver Brandt 

6. #1 Contender's Match, Hardcore Match: Cul defeated Doug "Moonshine" Matton @ 14:12 with Blood Eagle through a table

7. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Les Enfants Terribles (High Flyer IV and Archer Silver) defeated Gulf Coast Connection (Aaron King and Crescent City Kid w/Theodore Cain) @ 11:09 with Kicky Mcgee on Crescent City Kid

8. BRAZEN Championship: Nathaniel Eye defeated Jack Mace with Eyes on the Prize @ 16:38.


--The debut match of the show was a rematch from one of the legs of the BRAZEN Tag Team Title gauntlet! This time, it was BADASS that got the duke over the Viking War Cult! Ivar and Floki Holmstrom attacked both Bloome and Davis before the bell, much like they did at Clash of the BRAZEN! But despite the great tandem work by the twins, the brothers-in-law put that aside long enough for Bloome to get a hot tag, clearing the ring with kicks galore, including Plant The Seed on Ivar Holmstrom. After that, Floki was taken out by a Flying Hip Attack from “Wise Ass” Tripp Wise, leading to the Flapjack/DDT called Ultimate BADASSery!

--BRAZEN veteran Thomas Slaine once again took the mic and got tired pretty quickly of a bunch of new guys taking his spots, so he challenge any one to come out. Who he got was the Aussie former child star, turned wrestler Jesse “Ratings” Harrison! AKA the Prime Time Player, the good-looking blue-chipper wowed the fans pretty quickly by outlasting Thomas Slaine and finishing with The Cliffhanger (Double Knee Facebreaker) for the win!

--Perennial BRAZEN Champion contender Levi Cole and long-time friend Butcher Victorious recently had a thought… let’s be a tag team. And thus, The World’s Nicest Tag Team was born! Cole, an Oklahoman Good Ol’ Boy and Butcher, a laid-back man from Texas, won their first match against former BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman and training partner Rhys Collins! The crowd warmed up very well to the new team of BRAZEN fan favorites. Hoffman and Collins worked over the knee of Butcher throughout the match, but Cole got a hot tag late in the game and ran wilde with Suplexes! A new move called The Handshake Deal (Stunner from Butcher followed by Bridging German by cole) pinned Collins! Cole and Butcher celebrated a big win in their first match as an official tag team!

--A four corners match was what was said to steal the show between undefeated blue chipper Declan “DEC4L” Alexander, veteran Troy Matthews, Kazuo Akamatsu and roughneck powerhouse David Hightower! Matthews known as the Slayer of Giants renewed rivalries with Akamatsu, who he eliminated from the BRAZEN Championship qualifiers back at the Clash. David Hightower got a chance to show off his recent training, overpowering all three men at points throughout. Troy Matthews ran wild with his unique blend of lucharesu and kicks. But in the end, The Play of the Game (Ace Cutter) caught Akamatsu unaware! As Troy dove with a Somersault Plancha on Hightower, DEC4L got the win!

--DURING INTERMISSION: A quick in-ring appearance was made with Capitol Punishment and Oscar Burns, who promised a big announcement for the BRAZEN Brand to come on tomorrow night’s show! BRAZEN Champion Nathaniel Eye came out to greet Burns, who put over how well he was doing as champion, but told him to watch out for his boy Jackie. He promised to remain fair and impartial as the ref for the main event and the King of the Crushed Velvet shook hands with Burns, telling him he was looking forward to it. 

--Fresh out of intermission, The Heavy Artillery team of Roosevelt Owens and Bobby Horrigan ran through yet another team, this time in the form of the Midcard Experiment in a handicap match! The Mid-Card Experiment used high-flying and almost got the win on Horrigan quickly with a Missile Dropkick/Splash combo from Levy and Fishman, but Owens stopped that. It didn’t take them long to turn the tide before the Big Guns (Running Combo Splashes) from Horrigan and Rosey won them the match. Since forming this new team, the Irishman and the Georgia native have looked unstoppable!

--Up next was a VICIOUS Hardcore Match made between Viking War Cult’s leader Cul against the up and coming brawler/techincal drunk, Doug “Moonshine” Matton! They took the fight to the stage and through the crowd at several points! A DDT on the ramp by Matton almost got him the win, but Cul turned things around in the next several minutes, including a wicked Lariat and a Powerslam on the floor! Doug tried to bring a table in the ring, but Cul turned it around with his signature Blood Eagle Powerbomb through a table! With that, Cul cemented his chance to face the winner of tonight’s Eye/Mace BRAZEN Championship match tomorrow night!

--The streak of the BRAZEN Tag Team Champions continued with no end at least for tonight, taking on the popular Gulf Coast Connection! King and Cain worked well together, using their size to keep High Flyer IV and Archer Silver at bay. But a few minutes in, the massive monster Killjoy turned around attacking CCK on the outside. From there, HF IV and Archer viciously went after the knee of Aaron King and worked it over with technical work from Archer, and a Frog Splash from HF IV at one point! Eventually, King countered a kick from Archer with Party Down (Uranage Backbreaker) and Cain got wild! He overtook the match late in the game with power moves galore on both members of LET, ending with a Running Michinoku Driver that nearly won! But thanks to another Killjoy distraction, Archer Silver hit a Silver Bullet (Thrust Kick) to the knee of Cain and LET took him out with the deadly Kicky McGee combination for the win. 

--In the main event with “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns as the special guest referee of Mardi Graps between his former pupil and former BRAZEN Champion Jack Mace against Nathaniel Eye! Mace used his size and power advantage to toss Eye around with a couple suplexes as well as a Powerslam, but Eye would come back with a Starry Eyed Surprise (Flying Knee Strike) and a Superman Plancha from the top rope to the floor! After a dramatic near-ten-count with both men getting back, Mace resumed control after a big Release German Suplex and the Flying Bear (Diving Headbutt) for a VERY close fall! He tried the Bear Trap (Grounded Cobra Twist) but Eye rolled backwards and almost caught him with a flash pin! Eye fought back with a MASSIVE Spinebuster on the big man and Eyes Up Here! (Diving Moonsault) for the biggest fall yet! The Big Friendly Bomb attempt didn’t stop Eye. He came back with two more Starry Eyed Surprise knees, followed by Eyes on the Prize (Running DVD) for the victory!

After a handshake between champion and challenger, Cul spoiled the party briefly to tell Eye that tomorrow, that title would be his. Following that, Eye, Mace and Burns celebrated with the crowd for the great main event! 

MARDI GRAPS!!! Night Two:

1. BRAGG defeated Thomas Slaine @ :19 with They All Fall Down

2. "The Prime Time Player" Jesse Harrison defeated Kazuo Akamatsu @ 5:56 with The Cliffhanger

3. The Atomic Punks (Fat Man and Little Boy) defeated The Louisiana Bulldogs (Oliver and Denver Brandt) @ 8:45 with The Atom Splitter/Atomic Splash on Oliver Brandt

4. The Barrio Boys (Gerardo Villalobos, Corey Nunez, Hugo "Lips" Gonzalez) defeated The Dunson Clan (Paul, Todd and Richie Dunson) @ 8:42 with Stay In Escuela on Todd Dunson

5. "Manpower" Jack Mace defeated Rhys Collins @ 11:02 with The Bear Trap

6. SIX-MAN TAG: Oscar Burns and The World’s Nicest Tag Team (Levi Cole and Butcher Victorious) defeated Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver, HF IV, Killjoy) @ 19:02 with the Handshake Deal from Cole/Victorious on Silver

7. The Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) won an elimination four-corners match over BADASS (Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome), The Viking War Cult (Ivar/Floki Holmstrom) and Thugs For Hire (Emilio Byrd and Hurtlocker Holt). Order of elimination:
-Thugs 4 Hire @ 4:12, eliminated by Ivar/Floki after Double Dangerous DDT on Holt
-Viking War Cult @ 8:12, eliminated by BADASS with roll-up from Tripp to Ivar
-BADASS @ 12:59, eliminated by The Heavy Artillery with The Big Guns on Tripp Wise. 

8. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander fought Troy Matthews to a 20:00 time limit draw

9. BRAZEN Championship: Nathaniel Eye defeated Cul @ 11:51 with Eyes On The Prize 


--SHOW KICK-OFF AND MAJOR TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT: BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment and “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns made the formal announcement of a NEW title coming to BRAZEN! The BRAZEN Onslaught Championship! In tribute to the short-lived, but impactful singles title in DEFIANCE, the former DEFIANCE Onslaught Championship, the belt was brought out of retirement and would be a symbol of the fights that BRAZEN wants to put out. Each match would have a fifteen minutes time limit and would be defended on ALL BRAZEN events unless otherwise noted by management. The method of crowning the first champion would be announced soon, but before that could be elaborated on, BRAZEN veteran Thomas Slaine came out to say he should be considered for the new title while and continued to complain about more new blood coming in to take his spot. 

--Capital Punishment said that while he was happy about the new talent, he was tired of people bitching about spots on the card and other manner of incidents, referring to Les Enfants Terrible and The Viking War Cult wreaking havoc in recent times. To that end, he introduced a man who will now not only be BRAZEN’s official enforcer, but Thomas Slaine’s official opponent right now… “The Big Bad” BRAGG!

--The 7’2”, 345-pound BRAGG was instantly recognized by the crowd as a local indy talent that had spent the last few years wrestling among the Gulf Coast! And in a manner of 18 seconds, two moves put down Thomas Slaine. A big right hand called Sorry About Your Jaw, followed by a Jackknife Powerbomb called They All Fall Down! This wouldn’t be the only time we’d see BRAZEN’s new enforcer in action. 

--And in the next match, it was Jesse Harrison going two for two at MARDI GRAPS!!! Kazuo Akamatsu put The Prime Time Player through his paces with some Strong Style chops and a sick right hand for a near fall, but the good-looking Aussie was able to weather the storm and land The Cliffhanger to score the win! Clearly big things would be on the horizon for the young Aussie. 

--The debuts continued in the next match with the debut of the luchador tag team of The Atomic Punks! The small brawler Little Boy teamed with heavyweight luchador Fat Boy and their unorthodox cheating and brawling offense was too much for The Louisiana Bulldogs on this night! Behind the referee’s back, The Atom Splitter (low blow) from Little Man led to a Piledriver and the Atomic Splash by Fat Boy to give them their debut victory!

--Up next was six-man tag team action between two long-time BRAZEN trios, The Barrio Boys going up against The Dunson Clan! High flying by Corey Nunez and Hugo “Lips” Gonzalez took Richie Dunson at bay, but after a cheap shot from the older Paul, they had Gonzalez at bay for a moment. Things changed the second that big Gerardo Villalobos got into the match! After cleaning house quickly, he SPIKED Paul Dunson on his head with the Sitout Driver called Stay In Escuela for the win!

--While “Manpower” Jack Mace was not victorious challenging for the BRAZEN Championship, he was victorious picking up a rebound victory over Rhys Collins! The technically gifted Collins had a great strategy going in by attacking the left leg repeatedly during the match. Mace was kept at bay for a good while through the bout with Collins almost getting the win with a tight Half-Crab. But Mace gutted out the pain and fought back with a nasty Headbutt and then a Release German Suplex! A Bearhug Suplex led to the Bear Trap and the submission win! 

--DURING INTERMISSION: Oscar Burns came out one more time to make the BRAZEN fans make him feel welcome and were glad to be part of MARDI GRAPS!!! But… he was interrupted by Les Enfants Terribles. High Flyer IV, Archer Silver and Killjoy - the BRAZEN Tag Team Champions - interrupted Burns and told him that BRAZEN was theirs. HF IV told him to get his ass back to Australia or whatever he was from. Silver added that he would kick his head off his shoulders and send it to Australia before the rest of his body made it there. . Killjoy stood there, but he was pretty fucking badass doing it. Burns told the trio to "learn your maps" cause he was a New Zealander. He also said that if any of them wanted a piece of him right now (and called them GCs), then he’d take one of them on. High Flyer IV told him they didn’t care about a match, they were here to break Oscar Burns right now… but before things got out of hand, long-time BRAZEN stars and new tag team, Levi Cole and Butcher Victorious ran to the ring! Since the show was named MARDI GRAPS!!! And was the host, Burns made a six-man tag!

--...And what a six-man tag it was! Burns and Silver lit up the mat with phenomenal mat work and Archer showed off his MMA-style prowess as well in a bit of a standoff. Butcher and HF IV flipped and flopped around the ring until Butcher got him with a Springboard Dropkick and a Somersault Plancha to the outside! The LET turned things around thanks to Killjoy with a Powerbomb on Butcher on the apron! After that, LET worked him over for the next several moments. Burns and Cole both looked on and wanted the tag, but Butcher was in a bad way. HF IV and Archer Silver worked his knee and then tried to finish him off with Kicky McGee, but Butcher moved and they missed the combo that had put every previous match away for them. Butcher landed a double Violet Crown (Jumping Stunner)! Cole got in and the big Oklahoma good ol boy suplexed both men almost out of their boots until Killjoy got the tag and almost had the win with a Running Powerslam when Burns broke up the fall! Silver tagged in and tried to hit Gold Fever on Cole, but Butcher stopped him and the two combined to hit The Handshake Deal! The Stunner led to the Bridging German Suplex, then Butcher got the jackknife pin and the win! The World’s Nicest Tag Team and Oscar Burns handed The LET their first loss as a team and as a result, they put themselves in line for a future shot at the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles! 

--The next match showed two things: 1) The tag team division was definitely on the rise and 2) The Heavy Artillery were definitely the team to watch! A four corners elimination match with possible BRAZEN Tag Title implications was next. Among the teams were BADASS and The Viking War Cult who have continued to be thorns in each other’s sides since CLASH as well as the popular Thugs 4 Hire, who sadly went out first thanks to the VWC. Floki and Ivor were out next thanks to a roll-up from Tripp Wise when they tried for the same finishing Double Dangerous DDT, only to be saved by a High Kick from Davis Bloome! It came down to Bobby Horrigan and Davis Bloome trading fists and kicks respectively, but a distraction from the Viking War Cult member Ivar, allowed Roosevelt Owens and Bobby Horrigan to nail the double team Standing Splash followed by their Double Team Running Splash called The Big Guns for yet another big win! Post match, Heavy Artillery went to the back while Cul and The Holmstrom twins attacked BADASS and left the brothers-in-law laying. No doubt this issue was far from over between the two teams. 

--Up next was a match specifically requested by former World Trios Champion and DEF veteran Troy Matthews, stemming from another four corners match the night before that saw the young prodigy Declan “DEC4L” Alexander pick up yet another big win. Tonight, Troy was out to prove himself among the best and show he could beat anybody. Though he gave up size to the blue chipper, his speed and Harvard-educated feet gave him the advantage throughout the first ten minutes, working over the knee of DEC4L. The vlogging gamer/wrestler fought back with a few good power moves including the GGEZ (Yakuza Kick) and The YEET~! (Flapjack Toss) for a pair of nearfalls! The product of training from legendary stars Vivica J. Valentine and Lindsay Troy helped him survive a bit late in the game, but The Slayer of Giants came back with a huge Buzzsaw-style kick that got 2.9! The clock was ticking but before either man could finish… the time limit of twenty minutes elapsed! Both men put it all on the line and though there was no winner, Troy took the microphone and told him they weren’t done and asked for a rematch. DEC4L proudly accepted. The fans would definitely have something to look forward to on the next BRAZEN event. 

--At last, it was the main event and from minute one, became a brawl for the BRAZEN Championship! Cul came right out of the gate with a massive Lariat for a nearfall thirty seconds into the match! He blindsided Nathaniel Eye and continued to take the fight to him on the outside with a Powerslam on the floor! From there, Cul put Eye in a bad way and worked over his back through the bout with some slams and Rib Breakers to set up his Blood Eagle Powerbomb. Cul continued, but the self-professed Lover AND Fighter did what he does best… well, he does them both but on this occasion, he fought like hell. He fought his way out of a Blood Eagle attempt with a Sunset Flip Roll-up - how he beat Cul back at Clash - but he kicked out! Cul continued to work him over, but Eye turned the tide back in his favor with a big Spinebuster and a Spear for nearfalls. The Starry Eyed Surprise missed and hit the official! The crowd jeered when Floki and Ivor returned to the ring and helped Cul attack him, but… “Loner” by Black Sabbath hit and out came BRAGG! The giant that Capital Punishment brought in to be BRAZEN’s new enforcer paid off on the first night when he cleared the ring of the twins! He didn’t touch Cul, but Nathaniel Eye’s Starry Eyed Surprise did! The Eyes on the Prize followed next and gave him the three-count to keep the championship for another night!

The show ended with BRAGG giving Nathaniel Eye the thumbs up and Capital Punishment came out to celebrate the occasion with Nathaniel Eye making another successful title defense. Earning his keep on this night, the BRAZEN enforcer left to the back. Oscar Burns came out to also give Nathaniel Eye a raise of the arms and put over the amazing talent now coming up through the system. He stated BRAZEN was in good hands. Nathaniel Eye took the microphone and thanked Burns for the compliments, then told the crowd to continue supporting BRAZEN and thanked them all for the celebration that was MARDI GRAPS!!!

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