DEFIANCE Presents: Friday and Saturday Night's All Right for Two Fights!

Posted by Lance Warner on 15 Jun 2020

This past weekend, following the recent success of CLASH of the BRAZEN, there was no rest for the wicked (as well as the fan favorites). On Friday June 12th and Saturday, June 13th, two nights of BRAZEN action were highlighted each by title matches! Night One saw the first-ever defense of the brand-new BRAZEN Tag Team Title match between Les Enfants Terribles and The Barrio Boys! Night Two saw new BRAZEN Champion Nathaniel Eye put his title on the line against the first-ever man to hold that title, Reinhardt Hoffman! Click ahead for results and recaps of both nights of action!

Friday and Saturday Nights are all right for TWO fights! Two nights, two main events featuring veterans and newcomers alike of DEFIANCE’s developmental league, BRAZEN! Both events took place Friday and Saturday night at the Earl K. Long Gymnasium in Lafayette, Louisiana and both were almost full houses of close to a thousand each! After the massive buzz garnered among DEFIANCE Faithful for the most recent MAXDEF 2020 and Clash of the BRAZEN, fans were pumped to see more action featuring the future stars of tomorrow. 

Each show was main evented with title matches - the first, main evented with the brand-new BRAZEN Tag Team Titles held by Les Enfants Terribles (High Flyer IV, Archer Silver, Killjoy) defending against the two men some say cheated out of the titles, Corey Nunez and Hugo Gonzalez of The Barrio Boys! Night Two would see the new BRAZEN Champion Nathaniel Eye make his first defense of the title against none other than the first-ever BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman!

Before each show took place, a host of DEFIANCE stars made appearances for the brand. Night One saw former two-time FIST of DEFIANCE “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns, “Bantam” Ryan Batts, “The Biggest Boy” Dex Joy, and Kerry Kuroyama. Night Two saw “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas, Unified Tag Team Champions The Sky High Titans and of course… none other than DEFIANCE Original and legend, the two-time former FIST of DEFIANCE Bronson Box! The line to see the DEFIANCE Legend was definitely the busiest of any star of either evening!

Results and recap for each show below!

June 12th, 2020

1. Doug "Moonshine" Matton defeated Cristiano Caballero @ 4:32 with a Whole LOTTA Buzz

2. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander defeated Solomon Grendel @ 5:41 with Play of the Game

3. The Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) defeated The Dunson Clan (Todd and Richie Dunson) and Louisiana Bulldogs (Oliver and Denver Brandt) @ 7:56 with The Big Guns on Todd Dunson

4. Alvaro de Vargas defeated Butcher Victorious @ 4:41 with Piledriver

5. Levi Cole, Jack Mace and Troy Matthews defeated Viking War Cult (Floki, Ivor Holmstrom and Cul) @ 15:56 with The Rough Divide from Troy Matthews on Ivar Holmstrom

6. GRUDGE MATCH: Gerardo Villalobos defeated Flex Kruger @ 9:14 with Stay In Escuela 

7. BRAZEN CHAMPIONSHIP PREVIEW - TAG MATCH: Reinhardt Hoffman and Rhys Collins defeated Nathaniel Eye and "Wingman" Titus Campbell @ 16:22 with STF from Hoffman on Campbell

8. BRAZEN Tag Team Titles: Les Enfants Terribles (High Flyer IV and Archer Silver) (c) defeated Barrio Boys (Corey Nunez and Hugo Gonzalez) @ 17:45 with Shooty McGee on Corey Nunez


--Doug “Moonshine” Matton earned praise for his hard-fought impromptu hardcore match against Thomas Slaine at Clash of the BRAZEN and tonight, he continued that win with BRAZEN vetera Cristiano Caballero. The vain Spaniard star tried to walk out of the match only for Doug to drag him back to the ring to put a hurt on him. Caballero took control for a few moments, only for Matton to crack him with the Running Knee Strike called Little Bit of Buzz, which led to the Whole LOTTA Buzz (Tiger Driver) for the win! 

--Declan “DEC4L” Alexander, the 19-year-old YouTube streaming sensation is said to be among BRAZEN’s top prospects… something he proved yet again when he defeated tag specialist Solomon Grendel of the Brutal Attack Force! His partner, Petey Garrett, was at ringside and tried to help Solomon beat DEC4L but it was all for naught. After taking Garrett’s head off on the outside with GGEZ (Yakuza Kick), he landed the Play of the Game (Ace Cutter) on Grendel to take the duke!

--The massive Roosevelt Owens shocked the masses by attacking and injuring his own uncle, former manager Lucius Owens after disbanding his former stable. To that end, returning BRAZEN star, the Irish brawler and indy veteran Bobby Horrigan formed a new alliance with Owens. Now calling themselves Heavy Artillery, they defeated not one, but TWO teams in Louisiana Bulldogs and The Dunson Clan by pinning Todd Dunson with their double-team splash called The Big Guns! The Heavy Artillery were here and they don’t care what side of the fence you’re on… they’re taking out all the little people. 

--Another newcomer who debuted with a victory on UNCUT over Nicky Synz, the cocky Cuban Alvaro de Vargas annoyed the masses by calling them some not-nice things in Spanish before the bout. Standing at 6’8” and almost 270 pounds, de Vargas unleashed hell on Butcher Victorious, beating him all around ringside! The ONLY wrestling moves done were mostly by Butcher Victorious with a Somersault Plancha and then a Springboard Tornado DDT that almost got the win. Alvaro turned the tables quickly with a Cuban Missile, throwing Butcher out of the damn ring! He brought him back inside for his Piledriver called Ardiendo for a quick win. 

--In six-man tag team action, the former Trios Champions, The Viking War Cult were in action against three of BRAZEN’s top stars that on Night Two would be fighting in a triple threat for the next title shot. Former BRAZEN Champion “Manpower” Jack Mace, former World Trios Champ Troy “The Slayer of Giants” Matthews and perennial top man, Levi Cole. The match was mostly in the favor of The VWC who used their experience to single out Cole. Luckily, both Troy and Mace had been tag experts in their own careers and turned the tides against them. Many nearfalls were at the end, but Jack Mace used a Cannonball Senton off the apron to take out Cul and Ivar Holmstrom, leading to Troy Matthews hitting the Rough Divide (Shining Axe Kick) to get the win for his team!

--Match six was a grudge match stemming from the Five-Way Elimination match at Clash of the BRAZEN. The leader of the Barrio Boys, Gerardo Villalobos, took on former BRAZEN Champion Flex Kruger in a grudge match! The two bulls fought tooth and nail, including some Shoulder Block and Lariat exchanges! By the end of the match, Flex’s attempt at the Flex-Plex failed, but Gerardo Villalobos’ new finisher, Stay in Escuela (Sit-out Piledriver) did not! Gerardo picks up a HUGE win over a former BRAZEN Champion! Can this good luck carry over when his stablemates compete in the main event?

--Match seven was branded as a BRAZEN Championship Preview match! Before they fought on Night Two for the BRAZEN Championship, new champ Nathaniel Eye and the first BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman had “Wingman” Titus Campbell and Rhys Collins in their corners. Early on it was all Eye and Campbell singling out Collins, however halfway through, the members of the Conclave turned the tide on big Titus and singled out his knee through the match. Eventually, Titus turned the tides with an Airplane Spin slam, leading to Eye going wild! It was Shoulder Blocks off the top, Starry Eyed Surprises (Flying Knee Strikes) all around! Unfortunately after Campbell tried to end things, Collins clipped the knee behind the ref’s back, allowing Hoffman to tap him out with the STF Submission! Reinhardt had momentum going into Night Two’s big match! Would Nathaniel Eye be a one-and-done champion?

--The final match of the evening pitted The Barrio Boys against the three men that many say stole the titles, Les Enfants Terribles! Led by DEFIANCE star Jack Harmen’s son, High Flyer IV, BRAZEN top prospect and son and grandson of three Hall of Famers Archer Silver, and the masisve Killjoy, it was an uphill battle from the jump, but the Barrios had Gerardo in their corner cheering them on!

Match of the night was an understatement! The Barrios Boys used their speed to stay ahead of the young shooter Archer Silver and almost got the win a few minutes in with a Codebreaker/Lungblower series, but HF IV saved the bout. After the massive Killjoy caught Corey Nunez’s attention, he and big Gerardo fought to the back, leaving a two-on-two tag match. Silver and HF IV worked over the arm of Corey and Silver used some killer arm submissions and VICIOUS kicks to attack it. Eventually, Corey fought through. Hugo Gonzalez hit a big 450 on HF IV at the end, but Killjoy came back and broke it up. However, it was all for nothing as Silver attacked Nunez and both men connected with Kicky McGee (Yakuza Kick/Gamengiri combo) to retain! Thus concluded Night One!


June 13th, 2020

1. BADASS (Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome) defeated Brutal Attack Force (Solomon Grendel and Petey Garrett) @ 4:12 with the Ultimate BADASSery

2. Viking War Cult (Floki, Ivor Holmstrom and Cul) defeated Thugs 4 Hire (Emilio Byrd and Hurtlocker Holt) and Nicky Synz @ 9:04 with the Blood Eagle from Cul on Synz

3. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander fought Alvaro de Vargas to a double countout @ 11:15

4. HARDCORE MATCH: Doug "Moonshine" Matton defeated David Hightower @ 14:44 with Diving Splash off the top ropes through a table on the outside

5. The Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) defeated Midcard Experiment (El Hijo de Fishman Deluxe and Walter Levy) @ 3:06 with The Irish Slammer from Horrigan on Levy

6. Les Enfants Terribles (High Flyer IV, Archer Silver, and Killjoy) defeated Southern Bastards (JJ Dixon, Earl Lee Roberts and MASSIVE Cowboy) @ 13:35 with The Freefall from Killjoy to Dixon

7. #1 Contender's Match, BRAZEN Championship: Jack Mace defeated Levi Cole and Troy Matthews @ 15:16 with Bear Trap on Levi Cole

8. BRAZEN Championship: Nathaniel Eye (c) defeated Reinhart Hoffman @ 14:42 via Eyes On Me! 


--The show started with Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome, quickly dispatching of the Brutal Attack Force! BADASS put up a great showing during the Tag Title gauntlet, beating half the field almost. The hard-hitting Davis Bloome and his arsenal of kicks took Petey Garrett while Tripp Wise… gave out noogies, purple nurples and Hip Attacks galore. Ultimate BADASSery (Flapjack/DDT) gave them a quick win in the opener!

--The Viking War Cult were NOT happy losing their match from the night before over three of BRAZEN’s top faces. To that end, they took on BRAZEN mainstays rockstar Nicky Synz and Thugs 4 Hire. The Vikings took the fight to Synz for most of the bout, but when Thugs 4 Hire got in, all hell broke loose! The two big brawlers turned the tides including a Double Powerbomb on Floki Holmstrom that was interrupted. Synz tagged in and tried for the Face Melter on Cul late, but the 285-pound leader of the Cult showed how things were done! One Blood Eagle (Sitout Powerbomb) was all it took to give them the duke. Post-match, Cul and the rest promised to return to dominance in BRAZEN. 

--Up next was a battle of two of BRAZEN’s recent big standouts in blue chipper Declan “DEC4L” Alexander and the cocky Cuban, Alvaro de Vargas. This one was Alvaro turning the match into a violent brawl around ringside, but Declan almost scored the win halfway in the bout with the Dragon Punch! The brawl spilled out to the floor late after de Vargas got a two-count with the Cuban Missile (Lawn Dart). Both men brawled to the floor and to the crowd’s dismay, they were both counted out! Chants of “LET THEM FIGHT!” broke out. Could we be seeing a new feud in BRAZEN with these two men?

--Doug “Moonshine” Matton put a challenge out to anybody to fight him in a Hardcore Match… and he got the deadly West Virginian, David Hightower! David showed great aggression it the match and knocked Matton around, even hitting a Spinebuster on a trash can for a near fall. He tried to go up top for the West Virginia Avalanche, but he missed! Matton worked David’s knee with chair shots and then a DDT and the Little Bit of Buzz followed! A Diving Splash from the top rope through a table on the outside allowed Matton to win the hardcore bout!

--The Heavy Artillery of Roosevelt Owens and Bobby Horrigan were looking to make it two wins in a row on both nights… and that’s exactly what they did over The Midcard Experiment! CAGE!, Walter Levy and El Hijo de Fishman Deluxe were no match for the almost EIGHT-HUNDRED POUND tag team. Levy almost got the win by rolling up Horrigan late, but Owens showed a killer instinct that many say he lacked before. Bobby and Rosey won the match quickly. After the bout, Bobby and Rosey promised that sooner than later, they would be coming for the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles and they didn’t give two [expletive deleted] who had the titles then. 

--Match six saw Les Enfants Terrible in action for the first time as the three-man team with Killjoy to take on The Southern Bastards of Earl Lee Roberts, JJ Dixon and MASSIVE Cowboy. The teamwork by The Bastards was on display and managed to single out HF IV for a bit, but the sneaky Archer Silver laid out JJ Dixon with the Pivot Point (Buzzsaw Kick), allowing LET to take over. Killjoy rolled over Dixon and even Earl Lee Roberts towards the end, but MASSIVE Cowboy got a hot tag and ran wild on Silver and HF IV late. Eventually LET singled out JJ Dixon and hit the deadly Freefall (Steiner Screwdriver) for the win! Post match it was Enfants who promised big things would be to come. Silver told the crowd he and High Flyer IV had the gold and eventually, Killjoy would have it, too!

--The second to last match was a big one! The winner of the match between Jack Mace, Troy Matthews and Levi Cole would get the next shot at the BRAZEN Championship after the winner of Eye and Hoffman in the main event. And this one did not disappoint! Many highlights included a suplex battle early on between big Levi Cole and slightly bigger Jack Mace using Troy as the test subject! Later on, The Slayer of Giants attacked Cole and went at both men with the educated feet that have served his twenty-year career well. He took them both out with an incredible dive late on and almost scored the win with a corner yakuza kick on Cole before Mace broke it up. Cole had the win later with huge Gutwrench Powerbomb on Troy later, but Mace broke that up as well with the Flying Bear (Diving Headbutt!) At the end, the Bear Trap (Grounded Cobra Twist) submission from Mace that tapped out Levi Cole, giving the former BRAZEN Champion the win! Mace had a date on the next double-shot against the winner of Hoffman and Eye!

--The main event was make it or break it time for the young prospect in the crushed velvet, “The Pretty Tough” Nathaniel Eye! His opponent was Reinhardt Hoffman, the first-ever BRAZEN Champion! Hoffman used his technical acumen and the student of Bronson Box controlled the opening by working over Eye’s leg, much like Titus Campbell the night before. Eye fought back by fighting his way out of a Leg Lock and hitting a Spinebuster, then a Missile Dropkick for a close fall. The knee gave him trouble and then an Inverted Indian Deathlock by Hoffman had him close to tapping out! The crowd rallied behind Nathaniel Eye and the tough pretty boy fought from behind, bum wheel and all, making the ropes! Hoffman wouldn’t be denied when he clipped Eye’s leg with a stiff Penalty Kick, then hit another to the chest for a 2.9! Eye kicked out and counted a third with a Backslide, but he faked out and then hit a Starry Eyed Surprise as Hoffman rolled out to escape! The surprise blow allowed Eye the time to hobble up top and hit All Eyes on Me (Diving Moonsault) for the win to retain!

After the show was over, Nathaniel Eye told the crowd the last week was a dream that he didn’t want to wake up from. But with support from friends like Dex Joy and The Lucky Sevens on the main roster, Nathaniel Eye told the crowd he could do this! Jack Mace came out and greeted Eye. The burly Brit told him he was looking forward to fighting Eye on the next double shot! Eye accepted! 

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