An Introduction to Titus Campbell & Thomas Slaine

Posted by Lance Warner on 4 Nov 2015

It’s been no secret that Eric Dane’s BRAZEN project has taken DEFIANCE by storm recently with their featuring on the main roster, but beyond names such as Felton Bigsby, Levi Cole and Reinhardt Hoffman, who have quickly become well known in households across the country, there lies a talent pool so deep and so vast that Moses himself would have trouble parting it.

I’ve managed to get some time with two such wrestlers from that talent pool, “Wingman” Titus Campbell and Thomas Slaine, who have been signed to the BRAZEN project as trainees, but they are far from inexperienced when it comes to being in the wrestling ring.

Titus Campbell:
I was born and raised in a wrestling family. I remember my mama sittin’ in front of the TV on a saturday afternoon when I was just a little kid watchin’ all them big stars of the 80s and 90s, then I really got into things when the late 90s came along, you know?

[Across from Lance sit two men, the first, and the one that had just been talking, is a rather impressive specimen. A bald african-american who must be at least 6’7” and probably just over 310 lbs of pure muscle. He’s got a loose fitting, purple sleeveless shirt on with the BRAZEN logo printed on the front of it and matching shades, except they’re the kind a certain musical genius might wear with the plastic bars that provide absolutely no UV protection. He’s quite clearly enjoying the experience of being with Lance, evident by his huge, toothy smile.]

Titus Campbell:
I knew then that this was what I wanted to do. Now my dad, he was helpin’ to run local shows. I wouldn’t say I was a second generation star ‘cause my dad weren’t no wrestler. But he did take me along to my first training session when I was sixteen years old. And he did help me get my first gig two years later after I turned eighteen.

[As Titus speaks the man next to him rolls his eyes and scoffs. Of course Titus turns to the man and raises his eyebrows as though asking if he has something to say, which of course the much smaller man does.]

Thomas Slaine:
That’s a real touching story, Titus. I’m sure the folks at home really care about all that. Mommy liked wrestling, Daddy worked in wrestling. You know where my Daddy was when I was growing up? ‘Cause I sure as hell don’t. And all my momma cared about when I was a nipper was her next fix and cigarette burns.

[The second man speaks with an obvious southern drawl as one would expect from a man hailing from Mobile, Alabama. He couldn’t be much different from Titus, except from the shaved head of course, but his heavily tattooed torso is covered by a white wife beater and he’s paired that with some slightly ripped jeans. He doesn’t smile at all, and instead scowls at Campbell who, to his credit, continues to smile right back. Obviously Lance feels the need to interject at this point.]

Lance Warner:
I think it’s worth mentioning at this point that both Titus and Thomas here were signed after a DEFIANCE talent scout witnessed a match between both men while wrestling for Southeast State Wrestling, a match that the folks over at SSW have been kind enough to allow us to broadcast to you following this interview, so the two of you do share some history already.

Thomas Slaine:
Some? I’ve been dealing with this guy on and off for the last three years. The stupid shades, the goofy smile, the ridiculous attitude… I thought I got away from it when Eric Dane called me up and offered me a contract. Then I turn up and who do I see on my first day at the Wrestle-Plex?

Titus Campbell:
Me, Baby!

[A long, heavy sigh falls from Slaine’s nose.]

Lance Warner:
That’s actually something I wanted to touch on. I’ve been informed that both of you are under strict orders from Eric Dane himself that there’s to be no physicality whatsoever today, or it’ll result in instant termination for one or both of you. Obviously that suggests the history between the two of you isn’t so ancient… Bearing that in mind, I wanted to get a few words from each of you on how you’d describe both yourselves and the other man. Thomas, would you care to go first?

[Thomas straighten up in his chair and stretches his neck until it audibly clicks.]

Thomas Slaine:
I’ve given you my opinion of this jackass. I have zero respect for Titus Campbell, and I know he doesn’t belong in DEFIANCE wrestling. He doesn’t have that killer instinct required to get ahead in this business. But I…

[Slain cracks a smile for the first time.]

Thomas Slaine:
I’m willing to do what I have to to be a success. Not just in the wrestling ring, but in life. The only thing that matters to me is that I succeed. I’m not here to help DEFIANCE. I’m not here to impress you, this jackass, or any fans. I’m here to prove I’m the best anyone has ever seen and to become the FIST of DEFIANCE. And I promise you, I will not stop until I accomplish that goal.

Titus Campbell:
You can tell the guy’s driven, right?

[Titus laughs loudly, which only draws another eye roll from Slaine.]

Titus Campbell:
Tommy S. is right-

Thomas Slaine:
Don’t call me that.

[Campbell continues to talk over the request.]

Titus Campbell:
He’ll do what he has to to succeed, and it’s usually at the expense of somebody else's spleen. This guy’s so serious it don’t hurt when he bangs his elbow ‘cause he don’t have a funny bone. Me on the other hand, I’m living my dream, and I’m having a blast while doing it. I’m wrestling for a living now, and I want to make everyone as happy as I am. I like to party, I like to make friends, and I like to wrestle. It’s simple as that. And as long as I’m doing those three things I’m happy as a clam.

Lance Warner:
I guess there’s not much point in me asking if any problems between the two of you could be considered water under the bridge then?

[Immediately Slaine shakes his head Titus on the other hand shrugs slightly.]

Titus Campbell:
You know what, El-Dub, I never really had a problem with Tommy S.-

Thomas Slaine:
I told you don’t call me that.

Titus Campbell:
He’s the one with the problem.

Thomas Slaine:
I have the problem? Because I don’t walk around looking like Kanye West on steroids and laughing gas? Because I don’t want some stupid nickname that only you use?

[Titus smiles, chuckles and nods.]

Titus Campbell:
Pretty much.

Thomas Slaine:
Because I fail to see how any of that is a problem.

Titus Campbell:
You need to loosen up, T-Dawg.

[Through gritted teeth Thomas replies.]

Thomas Slaine:
My name is Thomas. Not Tom. Not Tommy, Not T-Dawg... THOMAS. And the only thing I need to do is-

[Slaine stands up from his chair and pulls the mic off of his white wifebeater. The microphone rustles as he pulls it out from his clothes and throws it down on the seat he just vacated. Off mic Slaine can still be heard, but only faintly.]

Thomas Slaine:
Because if I don’t get out of here there I’m gonna do something you’re gonna regret. And I don’t wanna lose this gig before I get started.

[And with that Thomas Slaine heads for the door and slams it behind him. There’s an audible commotion on the other side of the door which Titus and Lance both listen to for a moment. Campbell raises his eyebrows at Lance.]

Titus Campbell:
And there’s another problem with T-Meister S. He’s got a short fuse and a lot of buttons that’ll light it up.

Lance Warner:
Buttons that you’re not afraid to press?

Titus Campbell:
Hey I ain’t stupid. There are buttons I’ve learned not to press the hard way. The nickname thing bothers him, but he ain’t gonna fly over the handlebars ‘cause of it. But if you hit that wrong button… Bro, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Lance Warner:
So do you have any advice for anyone in DEFIANCE and BRAZEN  that wish to avoid pushing those buttons?

[Titus flashes Lance with a big, toothy smile.]

Titus Campbell:
I would, but I don’t think I’ve found them all yet.

Lance Warner:
Well, Titus Campbell, I’d like to thank you for joining me today. Do you have any final words for everyone watching this over at

Titus Campbell:
Remember the name Titus Campbell, ‘cause he ain’t just your bro, he’s THE Bro.

Lance Warner:
Thank you, Titus, and without further ado we present to you Titus Campbell versus Thomas Slaine.

[The following footage is provided by Southeast State Wrestling.]

[The header for the video fades away to be replaced by a wrestling ring with yellow ropes and black ring posts sitting in the middle of what could easily be a high school gym. The camera isn’t the best on the market, and it’s quite clearly set up on a tripod behind the four row deep audience, but it’s framing the ring quite nicely.]

The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Miami, Flordia, weighing in at three hundred and ten pounds, “Wingman” Titus Campbell!

[There’s no lights or pyro, and the audio is only just clear enough to make out Earthquake by Labrinth, but the man we saw speaking to Lance Warner just moments before emerges from behind the makeshift curtain and excitedly makes his way to the ring. He rounds all four sides to slap hands with each and every fan that wants a high five before passing his shades off to one of the kids in the front row. He high fives the kid once more before he slides into the ring and runs the ropes as he waits for his opponent.]

[The cheers and whoops from the fans are soon replaced with jeers and boos as Earthquake is replaced by Hanni El Khatib's You Rascal You and Thomas Slaine, the other man we saw moments ago heads to the ring at a much slower, much, much more sinister pace. Trailing behind him is a previously unseen female in a Black crop top adorned with a green neon ribcage and a pair of daisy dukes. She applauds as she walks behind Thomas, who ignores both her as well as the fans that try to get in his face and slides into the ring before heading to his corner where he crouches and waits for his introduction from the announcer.]

And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Vikki, from Mobile, Alabama, weighing in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds, Thomas Slaine!

[The announcers steps from the ring as the bell sounds and we’re underway. Titus grabs hold of the top rope and stomps on the canvas to get the fans to clap in time with him, but Slaine stays stoic in his corner waiting for the right moment to strike. Campbell walks back and forth along the length of the ring in an L shape from his corner whipping the fans up before turning his attention to Thomas and flashes him a big toothy smile.]

[Slaine reaches up and uses the top rope to pull himself upright before charging at the Wingman, but Campbell is quicker than he looks and ducks a clothesline attempt. He turns and catches Slaine with a boot to the midsection and double underhooks his arms, but Slaine wriggles free and slides to the outside much to the dislike of the fans. He looks startled as he stares back into the ring at Campbell with wide eyes. Vikki rushes over to Slaine and brushes his tattooed arm, but Thomas shrugs her off with a look of annoyance on his face.]

[Titus sits on the middle rope and offers Slaine a route back into the ring, but Thomas opts to circle the ring and enter from another side, never once taking his eyes off of Campbell. The two circle each other before tying up, which Campbell immediately gets the better of, using his size and power to push Slaine back into the corner of the ring. The referee steps in and asks for a break, which he gets, but it’s not clean as Thomas sticks a thumb into Titus’ eye and spins him around into the corner where he unleashes a series of knee lifts into Campbell’s diaphragm.]

[With his opponent coughing and spluttering, Slaine grabs a hold of his head and takes a step out from the corner. He drags Campbell with him and drives him facefirst into the canvas with a running bulldog. Slain rolls Campbell over and covers him, making sure to rub his forearm across the big man’s eye’s for good measure. Titus kicks out at two, but he’s not allowed a moment's rest as Thomas sits him up and slaps on a chinlock.]

[Struggling to breath, Campbell claws at Slaine’s elbow, which is tightly clenched around his larynx. As though to add insult to injury Thomas sticks a finger in Campbell’s mouth and tugs on his cheek. The pain shoots through Titus immediately and he flails around because of it. The referee tells Slaine to release the hold, which he refuses to do, but he does release the fishhook.]

[For reasons unknown to you or me, the referee allows Slaine to continue to hold onto the chinlock and even adjust to a grounded side headlock. The referee checks on Titus, who kicks out in pain again as Thomas places his feet on the bottom rope. To his credit, the referee immediately checks what’s Slaine’s doing, but he removes his feet from the ropes just in time. As soon as the referee’s attention is back onto Titus, Thomas puts his feet back on the ropes. The referee is wise to Slaine’s game now, and looks over straight away, spots Thomas’ feet on the ropes and orders him to break the hold. Slaine does so, but gets up to his feet and advances on the referee, who immediately backs off in fear.]

[Slaine returns to Campbell and grabs him by the ears to pull him up to his feet, but the brief distraction is just what Campbell needed to regain his bearings. He breaks Slaine’s grip on his head and unleashes with a flurry of right hands, each one harder than the other. Satisfied that with that barrage, Titus hits the ropes behind him, but Slaine wasn’t as stunned as Campbell might have hoped and he follows the big man in with a knee to the midsection.]

[After driving the air out of Titus’ lungs with the knee, Thomas grabs his opponent and turns him round. He drops him across the middle rope and places his shin on the back of the big man’s head. Thomas uses the top rope for additional leverage as he ignores the referee’s count up until the count of four, then grabs a hold of the middle rope and uses it to slingshot Titus back into the ring.]

[Sprawled out in the middle of the mat isn’t where Titus wants to be as it leaves him wide open to Slaine, who stomps down on every single joint in sight before hitting the ropes to come back with a knee drop to the face. Slaine doesn’t roll through either, he simply drops all of his weight straight down into the temple of the big man and then covers him for a two count.]

[Thomas doesn’t complain about the count and hooks Titus up in a dragon sleeper. He pulls Campbell up to his feet and wastes little time or motion in dropping him into a backbreaker before pulling him back up, twisting underneath him and then dropping him with a neckbreaker! Thomas covers again for another two count.]

[Another man might look slightly frustrated after that one, but not Thomas Slaine. In fact he smiles down at Titus and slices his thumb across his throat, much to the delight of Vikki at ringside, and much to the dislike of the fans in attendance. Thomas reaches down and drags Titus up before heaving him up onto his shoulders, but that’s when Titus comes to life and slips down behind Slaine. Titus grabs a waistlock and pushes Thomas into the ropes before trying to roll him up. Slain hangs onto the ropes though and Titus rolls away by himself. Slaine charges from the ropes and swings with a clothesline, but Titus ducks it. Slaint hits the ropes on the other side and comes back only to get caught by Titus who lifts him up, turns him around and drives him back down into the canvas with a picture perfect spinebuster! Titus covers Thomas for two.]

[Both men get back to their feet and Thomas swings with a wild strike that Titus ducks. Slaine’s momentum carries him around and gives Titus his back, something Titus takes full advantage of as he hooks him up and takes him over with a reverse powerslam! Titus isn’t done there though and grabs Thomas by the waist and pulls him up before nailing a deadlift gutwrench powerbomb! Titus covers Thomas for another two!]

[Campbell’s on a roll now as he pulls Thomas up and whips him into the corner. He stomps around for a little bit and gets the crowd clapping along before charging at the corner for a splash. Slaine sidesteps though and avoids the contact, leaving Titus to crash into the turnbuckles. Slaine hits the ropes and comes back with a low dropckick to the leg as Titus stumbles out of the corner. Campbell drops down to one leg as Slaine gets quickly to his feet, he hooks Titus’ head and drops him with a DDT! Thomas covers Titus for another two, but Campbell is able to get one of his long legs on the ropes to break the count!]

[Again both men get to their feet, Slaine the slightly quicker of the two, so he hits the ropes. He comes back, but Titus drops a shoulder and lifts him off of his feet. Thomas struggles to break free but Campbell presses him over his head and charges towards the corner of the ring where he simply throws Thomas into the turnbuckle!]

[Titus follows up with ten clotheslines to the chest of his opponent, which the crowd loudly count along to, before hip tossing him out of the corner. Campbell doesn’t leave the corner though and actually starts to climb the ropes. Facing into the ring he gets to the middle rope, mimes placing on a pair of glasses, and then leaps dropping an elbow down into the chest Thomas Slaine! The fans are whipped into a frenzy by this point and cheer along as Titus shouts out at them.]

[Slaine doesn’t know where he is right now and almost as though by instinct gets to his feet. He probably wishes he hadn’t though as he turns around and eats a kick to the midsection. Titus hooks Slaine’s arm up, lifts him, and then drives him back down into the canvas face first with a double underhook sit out facebuster! Titus rolls Slaine over and covers him for the three count!]

[The fans explode as the video fades out.]

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