BRAZEN News & Results: Viking Assault; A Message For The Queen

Posted by Lance Warner on 28 Aug 2015

It was in the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana. It’s a town BRAZEN has visited several times in its short existence. It was as rowdy a show as BRAZEN has ever put on. Everyone in attendance was having a good time. That was until some familiar uninvited guests crashed the party... again

(Pictured: J.J. Dixon & Earl Lee Roberts; Rebel Yell)

The night started off with tag team action as Frank Dylan James’ buddies Rebel Yell (J.J. Dixon and Earl Lee Roberts) took on the deadly Japanese duo New Violence Express in an exciting opener. At one point, after isolating Dixon it looked like Tendo & Yahagi had this one well in hand. But a deft tag to Earl Lee from young J.J. and the match swung back in the direction of two fourths of the “Southern Bastards” faction. Roberts pinned Yutaka Tendo after a devastating lariat.

(Pictured: Hoffman; and New Violence Express Tendo & Yahagi)

(Pictured: Hard rockin' rookie & lead singer of Synister Sledge, Nicky Syns)

Next up Reinhardt Hoffman, who the DEF faithful should now be well acquainted with after his appearances on DEFtv, went hold for hold with newcomer Nicky Synz. The hard rockin’ Syns not a complete unknown, having found some level of success with his band Synister Sledge, immediately won over the crowd making his entrance to his own hit single, playing the guitar solo LIVE IN THE RING! This amused the stoic German very little, Reinhardt cutting Nicky’s solo a bit short with a devastating German suplex off the second rope where Syns was standing, guitar and all! Hoffman picked up the quick win with a tight STF submission hold.

(Pictured: Cain, Kid & King; The Gulf Coast Connection)

(Pictured: Don-Ho, Flex & Rich; The Angel City Express)

Six man tag team action was the next order of business as the new look Angel City Express trio of Don Hollywood, Rich Mahogany and the self proclaimed “Lord Paramount of Pectoral Perfection” Flex Kruger took on the Gulf Coast Connection. Only the wholly unpopular smarmy trio of Aaron King, Theodore Cain and the Crescent City Kid could get the ACX boys cheered, but that was the situation. Aaaaaaand it was a mauling. Don and Rich, while a talented team, didn’t really tip the scales in their favor. That credit goes to the massive bodybuilder from Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, California who absolutely manhandled the Gulf Coast boys the second he stepped through the ropes. Kruger picking up the pinfall after folding the masked Crescent City Kid in half with the FLEXplex.

(Pictured: Brother Lucius & Big Roosevelt and Hijo del Fishman Deluxe)

Next up, a man who only in the last few months has begun making real waves in the DEF-verse with several quick devastating wins on BRAZEN showcases all over Texas and southern Louisiana. Almost 400 pounds of reckless flesh, Roosevelt Owens is very hard to ignore. His opponent tonight, poor soul, was the nephew of DEFIANCE referee Hector Navarro, continuing his uncle’s lucha legacy as Hijo del Fishman Deluxe. The crowds overwhelming support for the new look Fishman mattered veeeeeeeery little to Big Rosey and his always present handler Brother Lucius. It wasn’t long before the young luchador was flattened for the pinfall after Owens’ patented Pancake Plunge.

(Pictured: MASSIVE Cowboy, Howlin' Joe Wolf & Levi Cole)

(Pictured: Brody, Dahmer-Ridgway & Hart; The Strong-Style Stranglers)

Now. The final match of the night is where things got interesting and caused this very article to be written in the first place. Another six tag team match pitting the patchwork team of “Southern Bastard” MASSIVE Cowboy, Howlin’ Joe Wolfe and the first BRAZEN talent to pick up a WIN on DEFtv “All-American” Levi Cole against the terrifying Strong-Style Stranglers. Former tag team champion and member of the old WfWA tag team the Sex Symbols Jacob Davis Hart lead his gruesome teammates to the ring, the action starting immediately as fearless man from the Double Dragon Ranch in Tokyo, Texas, MASSIVE Cowboy takes to the sky, diving off the top rope! His… well, massive frame crashing down into the trio of so-called “serial killers.”

A brawl that went all over the intimate arena finally looked like it would miraculously end in the ring. That is before the lights were cut and a few uninvited guests arrived in the cover of darkness. The unmistakable sound of bodies hitting the canvas were heard. When the lights came back up, Hart has bolted from the ring, standing in abject horror from his place in the crowd… his two partners having been figuratively ripped in half by the seven foot plus tall monster standing center ring, holding the hair of the new limp and lifeless Howlin’ Joe Wolf.

Torvald the Destroyer.

At ringside MASSIVE Cowboy is on his knees, the identical Holmström brothers raining down heavy fists across his brow. It’s up the isle way on the small stage area, surrounded by wild screaming fans we see Levi Cole standing toe to toe, forehead to forehead, nose to nose with the “Nu-Father” Cul the Reaper. Before the two men could come to blows, Cole drops to his knees in pain… after a low-blow from the stringy haired little manager known only as “The Lord of Bones”.. he and Cul then laying heavy boots to the man who just a few short days ago managed to defeat the God-Beast in one on one action on DEFtv.

(Pictured: The Lord of Bones & The Holmström Brothers)

Victorious, the Viking War Cult gathered their “kills” in the ring. With a foot propped up on the back of the bloody pile of humanity he was handed a microphone…

“We have not heard one word from the so called Queen or the two broken old fossils she calls her tag team partners. This? This is going to keep happening until you give us what. We. Want. Maybe next time it will be someone YOU care about Ms. Troy… Next time. we make this quest for the Trios titles, for our rightful place on the DEFIANCE roster. VERY. Personal. I promise you that, wench.”

(Pictured: "Nu-Father" Cul the Reaper)

With that the huge Scandinavian spiked the microphone, he and his “brothers” making their exit.

Chaos and destruction. That’s what these five men are. Pure, unedited, unfiltered chaos and destruction. Turning yet another BRAZEN main event into a blood soaked non-decision. Will the Queen, Ty and The Ego Buster respond? Can even THEY stop these five maniacs?

Time. Only time will tell, folks.

Either way? I’m staying the hell out of their way.

Warner. Out.

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