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Posted by Eric Dane on 12 Jan 2014

In which your Fearless Leader discusses the "competition" and makes a little girl cry.

You have got to be kidding me.

I’ve known a lot of big, bad, scary men in this business who don’t have half the balls of one Ms. Ivy McGinnis. I have to say, if this were a thing where I was a wrestler, and you were my opponent’s manager, and we were slingin’ insults back and forth tryin’ to sell tickets or t-shirts or buyrates or whatever, this is the part where I’d have to give you the slow, sarcastic applause.
So, here goes:
Clap. Clap. Clap.
You did a google search on DEFIANCE and then you namedropped the first three guys you saw on some dirtsheet internet report on a show from God knows when and you made yourself look less-informed than I ever could by calling you every kind of stupid I could think of. I know you can’t be bothered with familiarizing yourself with the competition, but both Cancer Jiles and Christian Light found themselves on the outside looking in, weeks ago, for showing the kind of effort that you yourself have shown in educating yourself about the enemies you’re making in the business.
Bronson Box, on the other hand, beat Dan Ryan to within a bloody inch of his life just a few weeks ago and took the FIST of DEFIANCE title off of him. But I digress.
I feel like maybe I’m beating a dead horse here, but how in Christ’s name did you get your fancy new promotion to Head Bitch In Charge of the biggest little wrestling show in Greensboro? You know what, I don’t even want to know. I don’t care. I’m gonna do you a little favor here and skip right to the point.
Of course my eyes are on the CSWA, stupid, have you not paid attention to their legacy? Oh, wait, of course you have, that seems to be the only talking point you’ve got going for you. Every time somebody tries to bring the CSWA back from the dredges apathy I pay attention, just in case somebody with half-a-brain decided to do something with the property. So far, I don’t appear to have much to worry about.
And do you want to know why my eyes are on the CSWA? It’s simple, really, the same reason they are on jOlt, NFW, EPW, fWo every time it pops back up, and every other promotion that’s ever drew money on any kind of scale. It’s so I have a deep understanding of the landscape of the business around me. Case in point, your own Unified World Champion was slumming around, not competing anywhere, that is unless you count the NFW as a real place (which I don’t). A phone call later and I’ve got Dan Ryan under contract to DEFIANCE for going on the second year now.
And in those two years, he’s worked for CSWA precisely once, just last week.
You see, while you’re busy reminding everyone how important the CSWA was in 1986, I’ve been busy running a promotion. And let me put something else down for you to pick up, too, we’ve had lawsuits, we’ve had corporate take-overs, I’ve made my share of mistakes and we’ve been to the brink of death more than once in the past four years.
But we haven’t stopped.
We have never thrown in the towel.
We have never let some outsider, insider, or anyone else give us a reason to close our doors and spend our time making excuses instead of money. But please, tell us again about how in 1994 the CSWA was doing something that is somehow relevant today.
And next week when nobody shows up to your show, that is wrestlers or paying fans, you can keep up the high tradition of making excuses for why things just couldn’t be made to happen. And DEFIANCE will do what DEFIANCE does. We will carry on. We will take our brand of wrestling all over the world, and we’ll shove it down the throats of anyone with eyeballs and two hours free time. You see, dear Ivy, that is what DEFIANCE is all about, we MAKE people pay attention.
Similar to how you MAKE excuses.
Now Ivy, while it may be true that whatever you consider to be the CSWA’s glory years might have eclipsed everything I’ve ever churned out as a promoter, that’s a subjective argument on its best day. We can agree to disagree to agree all night long and into next week, but the fact is, you weren’t the one responsible for it. You were an on-air talent. You might have had some office jobs to pad your paydays, and you might have even had some stroke behind the scenes…
But it wasn’t yours.
So until you and that walking corpse Hornet put something together that sticks. why don’t you just shut your silly trap and quit bragging about other people’s accomplishments. Especially when addressing your betters, namely myself, who took an idea and a bunch of pissed off, hungry guys, and went from a shitbox regional promotion with an attitude problem, to a globe-trotting powerhouse with an even bigger attitude problem, and I did it without using someone else’s established brand and the reputations of a lot of people who are no longer relevant in the business.
That is to say, woman, put up or shut up.

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